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  • Establish a sustainable network of agents of change amongst children and youth promoting and protecting human rights in the country;
  • Bridge gender gaps and promote equality amongst children and youth regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, gender, socio-cultural or economic backgrounds;
  • Foster behavioural change amongst Pakistani children and youth to promote and re-enforce Human Rights at local, provincial and national level.

Expected outcomes:

  • Increased awareness on Human Rights amongst children and youth at local, provincial and national level
  • An inclusive network of children and youth is actively promoting and protecting Human Rights in Pakistan by synergising with peers, civil society, media, academia, government institutions and policy makers.
  • Improved enforcement of children’s rights especially article 12 in Pakistan
  1. Activities

To this effect, the HRCYTF will so far focus on monitoring, promoting and protecting the enforcement of 4 major international conventions/declarations: Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), Convention on Eliminating all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), International Covenant on Civic and Political Rights (ICCPR) and Universal Declaration on Human Rights (UNDHR).

3 main areas of Human Rights violations will be addressed more precisely:

–     Violence Against Women (VAW)

–     Violence Against Children (VAC)

–     Gender Discrimination

The HRCYTF will conduct the following types of activities to address the various forms of Human Rights violations listed above:

  1. a) Awareness raising sessions/media campaigns on Human rights with a particular focus on women’s rights, child rights, gender equity, democracy.
  2. b) Knowledge transfer on the topics mentioned in section a, with an additional component: non-violent communication.
  3. c) Creative and evidence based advocacy and lobbying to promote women and child rights and gender equity and counter GBV
  4. d) Resource mobilisation to conduct those activities and support most vulnerable citizens victims of Human Rights violations. 
  1. Methodology:

ASF and GD Pak have usually engaged with children and youth at grass root level through a bottom to top approach. But though this programme, GD Pakistan and ASF have initially decided to firstly target the groups who are generally accused of promoting the status quo. We actually believe that children and youth when adequately sensitised and educated on human rights, can connect with, understand and support the notion that common interest should prevail in order to positively serve individualistic interests as well. This is the basis of equity and democracy. Those children and youth will progressively take the lead to organise interfaces with other children and youth and promote a trickle down effect to eventually present a very active inclusive group in which the most vulnerable will be empowered to promote and exercise their fundamental rights.

The Human Rights Children and Youth Task Force will have chapters at national, provincial and local level with group representatives and local as well as provincial and national focal points. All those representatives and focal points will be democratically elected and a national steering committee will lead the forum.

For representation abroad, nominees will be pre-selected by the HRCYTF with technical assistance from program coordinator from GD Pak and ASF in view of objective criteria expressed through calls for nomination.

All activities will be conducted keeping in view child safety and dignity, creativity, innovation, gender equity, participation as well as child and culture sensitivity.

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