4163: Counter Child Labour Through Empowering Government Institutions & Communities in Pakistan

The purpose of this project is to build upon lessons learned from previous interventions co-funded by Swiss Solidarity in Pakistan to counter child labor and promote children’s rights in the federal capital, where a political momentum has been created to design model interventions relating to child welfare that may be customized or replicated later in other provinces. Endorsement, approval and roll-out of child welfare framework at the federal level will set an example for provinces and will allow the civil society and child rights network to actively engage with policymakers and duty-bearers at the provincial level for customization and improvement of the child welfare framework.

More precisely, the action aims to “foster child welfare in Islamabad through improved child protection, health, sanitation and education for targeted vulnerable boys and girls”, so that:

  • The quality of the state of the child welfare mechanism in Islamabad is strengthened through improved policies, systems and procedures aligned with international standards;
  • Improved welfare for targeted vulnerable boys and girls aged 5 to 14 in E-11 slum and in two child welfare institutions of Islamabad;
  • Police, community members, children, and youth engagement on child welfare strengthened for improved prevention and protection of children against violence (especially child sexual abuse) and health hazards.

In the context of COVID-19, the project will work towards building the resilience of the target communities to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus by distributing hygiene kits/food packs, establishing handwashing points, and raising awareness on prevention measures to mitigate the spread of the global pandemic.