Countering CSAE

Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) is one of the worst form of violence which can be inflicted to any child. It creates multi-dimensional adverse impacts on children and greatly contributes to perpetuating an intergenerational cycle of violence, including gender-based violence. Like GBV, CSA is pervasive, endemic and knows no socio-economic, religious, cultural, or geographical boundaries. It targets boys as well as girls and non-binary children and can be perpetuated online or offline, via physical contact or without any physical contact. Countering CSA requires a holistic prevention and response based on systemic multi-sectoral mechanisms which take into consideration children’s views. Child Sexual Exploitation is a form of CSA whereby abusers generate financial or in-kind gains out of the sexual violence inflicted to children.

Check below GDP’s synergic and creative work to stop CSAE.

GDP has consistently worked towards the prevention of/ response to CSAE by:

i. increasing the awareness of state, non-state actors, the general public, children/youth, and communities to prevent CSAE.

ii. improving the capacity of justice and social actors to respond to CSAE via a multisectoral, coordinated and family-based care system.

iii. supporting legal and policy reform and institutional strengthening to end CSAE.

  • GDP has engaged Pakistani youth and children in Artivisim, to lead unique, creative and artistic awareness campaigns at a national level, to prevent and respond to CSAE in an informed, child and gender-sensitive manner.