The overall process (including the pre, during and the post-trial justice system) which will allow children to access justice and use various avenues to seek remedy or redressal when facing a human rights violation or any form of inequity and inequality. It may include courts, any complaint mechanism, watchdog forums such as ombudspersons, child protection commissions, helplines, and child protection institutions, etc. Justice with children includes child justice which defines the process before, during and after the trial of children in conflict (child accused, convicts) or in contact (child victims, witnesses) with the law. This process aims to avoid secondary victimization of any child and abides by child sensitive guidelines that rely on four fundamental principles:

  • Best interest of the child
  • Dignity of the child
  • No discrimination
  • Right to be heard

Pakistan has initiated a criminal justice reform agenda that includes justice with children and in this context, Group Development Pakistan (GDP) has been closely working with state actors, civil society organizations, media, children & youth, as well as the legal fraternity to improve the legal framework pertaining to justice with children in the country, and contribute to its effective enforcement. A historical partnership between GDP and several state actors of justice has led to the establishment of six pilot child courts in Pakistan.

Number of cases involving children in conflict or contact with the law tried by the pilot child courts


Child courts piloted in Pakistan


Juvenile Justice Committees notified


National Infographic Report on Justice with Children

Provincial Infographic Reports on Justice with Children

Balochistan: District Infographic Report

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: District Infographic Reports

Punjab: District Infographic Report

Sindh: District Infographic Reports

1. Artivism for Child Justice

  • • Begunah: a child & youth participatory web series in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Law & Justice to raise awareness about child justice
  • • Urdh Ja ! A video song on a reformative approach to justice for children in conflict with the law and involved in drugs

2. What is the JJSA 2018?