Digital Safety

1. Child Participatory Drafting of General Comment 25 of the UNCRC

GDP in collaboration with 5rights Foundation and Western Sydney University, undertook consultations with children to inform the drafting of the General Comment 25 on digital safety. GDP was referred by CRC Asia to give an opportunity to children for participating in this important comment which required input from children regarding their digital rights.

A total of 571 children from 23 countries around the world participated in the consultations, and their insights formed the foundation of the of the General Comment-25 on digital safety. All of the data contributed by children to this process was analysed and presented in an in-depth project report shared with children, all participating organisations and other interested parties.

5 workshops were facilitated in Islamabad and Peshawar by GDP team and 41 children participated in the workshop for giving their valuable inputs. Click on the link below to review the reports on general comment-25 on digital safety:

  • Please click on the link below to read the report.
  • Please click on the link below to read the report on Child Participation Guidelines for Online Discussions with Children.

2. Punjab Judicial Academy Conference on Cyber Crime

GDP was invited by the Punjab Judicial Academy to contribute to a seminar on “Cyber Crimes”. The seminar invited experts from judiciary, LEAs, prosecution and academia to discuss “Child Safety in Digital Environment” and “Digital Violence Against Gender Based Marginalized Communities”. Two child representatives (1 boy and 1 girl) from the Human Rights Children & Youth task Force were invited as speakers. Their presentation was highly successful and acknowledged by all participants including the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Gulzar Ahmed, and the then Chief Justice of Lahore High Court, Justice Mamoon Rashid Sheikh.

  • Please click on the link below to read the report.

3. Collaboration with Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) to Raise Awareness on Digital Safety in Pakistan