Protecting and Promoting Children’s Rights in Pakistan (PPCRP)

The project aims to strengthen the efforts of civil society and government actors to address child rights violations, build local capacities to respond to Child Sexual Abuse (CSA), and increase public awareness to prevent it. To sustain the project, GDP has been strengthening existing local institutions by developing training tools and victim-centric resources for use beyond the life of the program. The project has the following strategic objectives:

  • Increasing awareness of CSA and state obligations to protect child rights;
  • Improving the capacity of justice sector actors to investigate, prosecute, and prevent CSA;
  • Expanding access to services for victims and their families and improving the quality of legal services available to victims.

Progress towards these objectives will serve the overarching goal of strengthening the prevention of and response to CSA in Pakistan. Moreover, under the project, a digital victim service directory has been developed in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Human Rights (MoHR) to give instant access and information to the victims in need and search of service providers.

Victim Support Services Directory