Safe Learning

VAC has become a pervasive phenomenon which requires early preventive and responsive interventions.  

Education plays a pivotal role in countering violence, exploitation and discrimination. For example, violence experienced in educational set-up contributes to the education gender gap, school drop-out, which further fuels child labour, child marriage and puts children at further risk of being abused and exploited.

Ensuring a safe environment for children in any educational institution is critical to achieve SDGs and generate healthy, empowered, constructive citizens. A safe, conducive and trustworthy interaction between teachers & pupils and among pupils is imperative.

To this end, GDP has been working with state institutions, community based organizations, madrassahs, parents and children to raise awareness on safe learning, child protection mechanisms and positive disciplining. Special attention has been given to age appropriate, culture and gender-sensitive Life Skills Based Education which plays a crucial role in transforming the educational environment in a safe, inclusive, dignified and meaningful place of learning.

  • Recommendations for safe learning in Pakistan: