Amplifying Voices: Children & Youth Arts Competition

January 3, 2020 Arts Competition

With an aim to engage youth and children in positive activities while stay at home, GDP launched the call for the children and youth arts competition on the social media calling them to use arts as a medium of expression to draw, paint and express themselves during this challenging time. In order to hone the creativity of youth and children, the competition was not limited to any specific topic and the set age bracket for participation was below 25 years. The call was advertised on social media with specific instructions and to engage the interest of youth a surprise was also communicated which will be announced after the evaluation.

A poster was designed to attract more participants and within no time, the children and youth responded in huge numbers. The GDP’s social media handles and emails were flooded with responses, messages and queries. The parents appreciated the efforts for such a positive competition during quarantine. The artwork submitted by the participants has already been started posting on the social media handles of GDP (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn) to highlight and showcase the work of young and talented artists. The deadline to submit the artwork was 5th April 2020 and 439 (338 girls; 101 boys) children participated in the contest.

Moreover, a 4-member jury was nominated including 2 children, a gender expert and an artist to evaluate submissions received for as per three categories devised based on the age bracket:

  • Category A (4 to 10 years
  • Category B: 11 to 16 years
  • Category C: 17 to 25 years

The evaluation criteria was driven by transparency, accountability and fairness that was being overlooked by senior management. The scorning was based in the below mentioned criteria:

  • Clarity of drawing/sketching/painting
  • Use of material and color
  • Concept behind the drawing and effective depiction
  • Uniqueness of the drawing.

Finally, the consolidated result was announced on social media and cash prizes were awarded to winners and certificates were given to all participants.

The design of the certificate given to the participants is stated below:

The competition caught limelight as several articles were published on media covered. Link to the story covered by Dawn news is https://www.dawn.com/news/1548723